18:18:18 (2018) is a sequence of eighteen non-narrative time-based works that exist in the cracks between cinema and photography.  In the spirit of Andy Warhol's durational cinema, each film is comprised of a single take exactly 18 minutes, 18 seconds and 18 milliseconds long.  Each was made as an act of witness at a Holocaust site––the number 18 corresponding to the Hebrew word "chai," life.  Purely observational in method, the films enact a practice of mindfulness and receptivity toward whatever occurs within a period of time symbolizing life, contemplating the mystery of aliveness and abjection in post-genocidal landscapes of remembering and forgetting.  They are designed for installation in a two-channel projection, floor to ceiling on opposite walls of a single large space.  The pictures on this webpage show stills from each of the films.  The project is a companion to Alive and Destroyed:  A Meditation on the Holocaust in Time.