§2.5 Repurposed Traces

Part 2:  Reading Traces

If Jewish heritage in eastern Galicia can be said to exist along a continuum between that which is manifest and evident, and that which is unmanifest and no longer evident––this contradiction is the subject of Part I of this exhibition––there are several types of traces that exist between these poles.  This section of the exhibition looks into these intermediary types of traces.  It offers examples of informal evidence of Jewish life, as well as deliberately placed commemoration of Jewish life and loss.  It presents examples of memorials honoring specific Jews, and also museological displays honoring whole Jewish communities.  It considers examples of Jewish heritage deliberately repurposed for other uses, and examples of willful omission and outright disinformation about Jewish life and loss in both Soviet and post-Soviet memorial works.  Most cities and towns contain most if not all of these intermediary types of traces, which are nested into the ongoingness of everyday life.