The works here are documentary reportages of public events as they play out in the streets, made in several countries:  the U.S., Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Germany. 

These works include a visual diaries on several cities––from Berlin to Kharkov––as well as a report on the political crisis in Ukraine in 2014, where I was an accidental (but careful) witness.

Concerning the American works here: inasmuch as "private" in the American context is a word synonymous with privilege, exclusivity, advantage, prerogative, desirability, accomplishment, and so forth––an aspect of American civilization I find deeply troubling––the works in this section look to and into the "public" as something more than just the private's amorphous exterior. Rather they look to the public as a potentiality and a source of power, sometimes in the direction of dissent and progressive goals, and sometimes not.