the wall in between

"In the immense silence, our unconfessed, mute and gagged reality takes shape."  ––Witold Gombrowicz

the wall in between (2018) is a meditation on a remnant of the ghetto walls that the Germans built for the Jews of Kraków during the Holocaust.  Approximately twelve meters long, this fragment is located behind a school at ul. Limanowskiego 60/62 in the Podgórze section of the city.  On one side of the wall is a quiet playground, where everyday life goes on almost as if there were no such wall at all.  On the other side of the wall is a scrubby forest of young trees growing in the gravelly dirt of what was likely once a small quarry. Touching both the school and the abandoned quarry's massive face, the Holocaust remnant announces itself as a deathstone by its shape.  Its scalloped top was designed to look exotic, as if to mark the Jews imprisoned inside the walls as "other" to those on the Aryan side.  To Jewish eyes, the shape made reference to traditional Jewish tombstones, a cruel foreshadowing of the fate of the ghetto's prisoners during the war, and today a kind of rearshadowing of genocidal history in a place of seeming normality.