left them, had left them comma
no nature at all, virtually
perpetual substitution or the idea comma
god spun natureless, nearly out
of tangible things tangible silence comma
fiends at his urging at his gates
marks from within the cages comma
from monuments ourselves, craving scrutiny comma
an inch of space, a loop
a parasitic document or a document comma
from the grid the smell of creosote, lost
lost and lost and alive comma
but melancholically, majdanek
rescued for further hiding comma
modified, agreed, dwarfed, counted
i guessed it one too few times comma
one too and then twelve years to
think through but always half latched comma
strike, decide, press, write
again god having moved the pillar comma
and god having moved the night, dread
allegory, spiral stair, long story, graph paper comma
and jews of caged existence
shoe shoelace comma
Lublin and Atlanta, 2010/2022